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The Flower by Alexander Pushkin

A flower - shrivelled, bare of fragrance,
Forgotten on a page - I see,
And instantly my soul awakens,
Filled with an aimless reverie:

When did it bloom? the last spring? earlier?
How long? Where was it plucked? By whom?
By foreign hands? or by familiar?
And why put here, as in a tomb?

To mark a tender meeting by it?
A parting with a precious one?
Or just a walk, alone and quiet,
In forests' shade? in meadows' sun?

Is she alive? Is he still with her?
Where is their haven at this hour?
Or did they both already wither,
Like this unfathomable flower?

Translated by: Genia Gurarie, summer of 1995
Copyright retained by Genia Gurarie.

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Things to Consider in a Flower Shop

Flowers are used in special occasions like wedding ceremonies, if you enjoy flower arranging and love occasions then it will be good to open a floral shop in singapore. If you wish to start a online florist in singapore, you are looking at costs around $10,000 to $50,000.Depending on how big you want to begin.

Equipment Needed
Several equipment are needed if you want the company to operate smooth. You need refrigeration systems to put your flowers to keep them fresh. A delivery van will be needed for deliveries in far areas as the business grows.

Shop Location
Consider the cost of leasing a location. A good location will get a lot of food visitors and be situated around hospitals, funeral homes and business centers for quick and easy delivery. In case you opt to operate your shop at home, you need to look at other costs involved in the business.

Flower Arranging Supplies
Aside from flowers there are other things you need in order to do flower arrangement properly. Cost can differ widely, depending upon whether you can purchase enough to have wholesale costs and what suppliers are located in your area. A number of the products that's needed include floral tape, floral wire, vases, floral foam, chemical preservatives in order to keep the flowers fresh.

Flower Inventory
If starting it is best to order small proportions. Eventually, you may be able to place larger orders and save on delivery fees. Ordering small can help you prevent wasting supplies. The price of fresh flowers varies on a weekly basis, depending upon which flowers are in season and the local demand is.

Consider the cost to hire helpers in your business. Even if you prefer to operate a shop on your own, factor in the amount of a salary you will need to have to pay for expenses until the store starts to turn an income. Plan to have salary to pay everyone for three to five months to allow some cushion while your business develops.

Advertising is critical for your flower shop to get clients. If you occur to decide on local marketing, look at costs for a local ad or handing out flyers to funeral homes and key areas. Possibly, do online marketing by making use of boards, social media, or marketing.


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